MagSense Single Space parking system

Product description

MagSense SSP (Single Space Parking) system reliably detects wherever a parking space is occupied by a vehicle or not. The MagSense SSP system provides a reliable data regardless of the weather conditions. Utilizing its robust construction and 24/7 internet connection, MagSense transfers precise real-time parking data. The data can be used to navigate drivers directly to the closest unoccupied parking space thus minimizing parking – searching traffic and increases traffic flow.

The decision logic ensures an accuracy of the detection rate of more than 99%.

Key features:

  • Fast, accurate and reliable vehicle detection regardless of traffic, weather and surface conditions
  • Support for monitoring any number of parking spaces
  • Minimum and low-cost maintenance
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy integration with existing IT infrastructure
  • Detection rate of over 99%


  • Efficient parking space occupancy measurement and overstay detection
  • Complete monitoring and management of parking spaces with all relevant data 24/7
  • Reliably detects parking space occupancy in all weather conditions
  • Customer guidance to the nearest unoccupied parking spot using a smartphone app
  • Minimum maintenance costs
  • Suitable for car parks and rooftop parking
  • Vandalism proof
  • Snowplow resistant


  • Underground and above ground parking facilities of any size
  • Multi-level parking facilities
  • Parking lots (angle, parallel, perpendicular)
  • Marked and unmarked parking places
  • Roundabouts, bridges, tunnels


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