Responsible business

Responsible business

Mobilisis provides great attention to corporate social responsibility, continuously investing work and effort to facilitate adequate development and improvement of life quality in the community where it does business. In the segment of corporate social responsibility, company activities are directed towards four main groups of participants:


We are aware of the fact that a loyal client is the greatest treasure of every company. Having this in mind, business ethics stands high up on company’s list of priorities. The company strives to notify clients and business associates on time about all the changes related to its business, new products, services etc.

The fact that clients recognized our company as a partner that is professional at work, accurate and adjustable when it comes to relations with clients and competitive when it comes to other companies in the same or similar line of work plays a major role in building client trust.

Our contribution to the community in which we do business and responsibility towards our clients and partners may be proved with certificates that we hold.


The company is striving to ensure good quality environment and means for work to all its employees as well as to enable further education and professional training. In order to be able to face the new challenges ahead of us, we continually attempt to improve work conditions, establish the motivational system, promote company values, development of competencies, development and integration of young people without previous work experience, system of promotion and remuneration, increase in efficacy as well as a number of other programs of education and trainings that company organizes and certain forms of corporate volunteering to further encourage social awareness and empathy of its employees.

Company and community

In the segment of company and community, every year the company provides financial support to numerous donor and sponsor activities in the community taking into consideration local needs and particularities. For this purpose, in 2015 the company provided approximately 100,000.00 HRK. Donations are also provided to numerous projects, sports clubs, children and youth activities, cultural institutions etc.

Sponsorships and donations in 2019.



Besides conscious behaviour in accordance to implemented certificate of environment protection ISO14001 in the segment of environment and planning, Mobilisis strives for good quality business processes and ecologically sustainable business. The company uses energy saving lamps, it is attempting to recycle greater part of the paper, heat and cool the buildings in a maximally effective and ecological manner, the company regularly maintains its equipment to be able to increase its quality and sustainability and it continually finds ways for effective and environmentally friendly business.

Having in mind above mentioned segments of corporate social responsibility, exceptional values of company Mobilisis are trust, designing the future, reliability, results and focus on clients. All this is the starting point of all actions of every our employee. These values ensure common and comprehensive identity of the company Mobilisis.