Quality Policy

Company politics

Business success of the company Mobilisis Ltd. lies on satisfaction and expectation fulfilment of our clients, owners and employees, distributers, business partners, community in which we do business in the area of Development and production of flexible products and applications with the possibility to use in the most demanding business processes with special emphasis on:

System development and production for industrial process management, fleet monitoring and mobile gathering, transfer, storage and analysis of data.

Our primary concern is dedicated to client satisfaction with the quality of provided services, products, prompt delivery and response, ensuring accessibility of information about our products, services as well as meeting client requirements and legal and other legally binding requirements. While delivering our services, special emphasis is put on the reduction of negative impact on the environment.

All employees are obliged to:

  • Continually work on increase in client satisfaction
  • Continually improve the efficacy of their actions
  • Make a positive impact on the environment when working
  • Meet legal and other requirements, from Mobilisis internal regulations to local, state and international regulations related to nature and environment protection
  • Take actions to achieve set goals in accordance to their responsibilities

Board of directors regularly sets company’s annual goals, which enables the realisation of mentioned general goals and politics.

General goals

  • Maintaining the existing and continually improving client satisfaction, which is the centre of all company’s activities
  • Employ, further educate and keep qualified employees
  • Continually follow and adopt new trends
  • Continually improve service quality
  • Prevention of environment pollution / reduction of the negative impact on the environment
  • Fulfilment of set deadlines for service execution
  • Expanding the existing product and service assortment
  • Expanding existing market as well as acknowledgement of service quality at national and international level

Berislav Skupnjak / Goran Kanižaj / Krešimir Meštrić

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