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The challenge

Parking regulations in a crowded metropolis probably cause unnecessary friction between citizens and city officials. It is mainly resulted by chronic shortage of public parking, confusing zoning and regulations and billing inconveniences. By adding a mass fining system that rarely differentiates between habitual violators and law-abiding citizens to the equation, it all adds fuel to the fire.


Despite the multiple innovative services, the cities are still left completely blind of what happens in the parking streets in real time. Hence, certain important parking laws can hardly be enforced, while the most important one, the time-limit cannot be enforced entirely. Parkom is the first system that offers a complete, comprehensive, turn-key solution that solves and integrates all the disciplines and the necessities of a modern parking system, benefiting the drivers, the authorities and the wider public interest as well. The system is protected by national and international patent applications.

  1. Parkom enables automated parking at unmarked streets. By doing that the city increases the space supply for free.
  2. Enforces parking regulation in real time. Only Parkom enables strict time-limit enforcement. This again would significantly increase the space supply, again – for free.
  3. Provides information regarding space occupancy status according to street address.
  4. Besides guiding the driver to the empty space, it also informs if this space is legal at that particular zone, time and user’s status.
  5. Controls streets in real time and prevents illegal parking even at forbidden places such as bus stops, etc.
  6. Directs the inspection efforts only on violators. This enables the city reducing almost 75% of the inspection manpower.
  7. Enables fully automated hand-free paying parking fees, starting by car arrival and ending by its departure.
  8. Reduces air pollution with around 30% by preventing drivers driving unnecessary mileages looking for parking.
  9. Parkom is the most user friendly parking system. Guides the driver to a free space, enables hands-free parking, prevents innocent fines, and prevents money lost with meters change or cellular parking termination problems.


An invisible electronic cable installed along the parking streets 2-3 inches beneath the street surface. The cable is maintenance free.

  • A parking block controller for managing all the parking spaces along the block, for powering the electronic cable and for communicating wirelessly on-line with the main host.
  • The cable contains parking space-sensors for detecting the occupancy status of each parked car according to the street address. No need to mark fixed spaces.
  • The cable also contains wireless communication in order to communicate with either device in parking car or with the user’s mobile Bluetooth link for receiving the car ID few second after its arrival.
  • A hands-free system for automatic starting and termination of a parking session from the car’s arrival up to its departure.
  • A hands-free system for automatic collection of parking fees from a parking car since its arrival time to its departure time.
  • A system for management and control of each on street parking space in real time, by the main computerized host.
  • A system for automatic alerting the enforcement whenever a car is violating the regulations.




Parkom sensor bus

Sensor bus is a set of inline parking sensors connected by a cable. Each sensor detects the presence of the car above and has Bluetooth Low Energy smart transceiver which enables automatic car identification by mobile phone or ICD device.

3DTC Bus Controller

3DTC is a device that controls up to two sensor buses, monitors vehicle moving and manages parking sessions. It is connected to the central infrastructure over GPRS communication. It can be powered by solar panel or connected to street light poles.

Mobile application

Pakrom mobile application is an end user parking payment application. It can be used on Bluetooth low energy enabled Android and IOS devices. Application is used for user account management, data display and navigation to nearest parking space.

ICD (In car device)

ICD (In car device) is a small battery-powered device based on Bluetooth low energy wireless standard for secure vehicle detection and automated parking payment. Device is simply placed somewhere in the user’s car and without any user interaction it starts and ends parking sessions.


End-user’s Benefits

  • No need to bother for starting and terminating a parking session.
  • It is fully automated
  • Parking fees are paid automatically by the car arrival and stops automatically immediately after car departing.
  • Reliable information regarding free parking spaces and guides the driver to the nearest empty space to his destination.
  • Reliable information in real time if the selected parking space is legal due to place, time and car status.
  • Immediate warnings regarding the parking time limit expiration.
  • Avoids confusion caused by too many regulations & traffic signs.
  • Prevents money lost with meters change or cellular parking termination’s chronical problem.
  • The most user-friendly parking system.

Enforcement Benefits

  • No more need to routinely patrolling the parking areas.
  • Enables strict and immediate enforcement of the parking time restriction and any other offences.
  • Enables to concentrate the enforcement power only toward parking violators, and not spend time on the majority which usually obeys the laws. This would save manpower and improve the enforcement.
  • Strick and immediate enforcement against illegal parking at bus-stop areas and on spaces dedicated to handicapped drivers.
  • Less street fighting between the enforcement staff with frustrated offended and angry drivers.

City’s authority Benefits

  • Significant increase of parking spaces supply as Parkom enables an immediate and strict enforcement of the parking time limit
  • Additional increase of parking spaces supply as Parkom doesn’t require marking fixed parking spaces.
  • Increases parking revenues by charging the parkers immediately after his arriving.
  • Increases parking revenues by alarming the enforcement few minutes after the car arrives and avoids payment
  • Increases parking revenues because it was already approved that a friendly parking system makes people paying willingly
  • Avoids Esthetical pollution. Streets are clean of any visual parking equipment. Helps cleaning and maintaining the streets and sidewalks
  • Direct communication with the parkers via the motorist’s Apps and SMS messages.

Public Benefits

  • Reduces almost 30% of the air pollution due to guiding the drivers to empty spaces
  • Improves the relationship between the authority and the citizens by providing a fair, clear and user-friendly system


Parkom opens a revolutionary new era of fully automated on-street parking. It unifies multiple operators in one service. Invisible electronics placed under unmarked spaces, provides 100% control, gets the car ID, starts billing by car arrival until it departs, detects occupancy, navigates drivers to free spaces and inform its legality, automatically detects all offences and alarms the enforcement.

  • Plenty of available parking spaces due to unmarked spaces and time-limit enforcement
  • Streets are clean of equipment, meters, multiple parking guiding signs, disturbing space-sensors, tickets, etc.
  • No more street fighting between inspectors and drivers. A friendly system will make people yielding the laws willingly
  • 30% reduction of traffic and air pollution
  • No more parking officers patrolling routinely on the parking streets. Inspection is directed only to the few violators and it can be done by several on-call riding officers.
  • Cities could save around 75% of the enforcement costs, and even a higher rate savings of parking equipment costs including meters and space sensors