Narrow Band Parking Sensor

Product description

Narrow-Band Parking Sensor (NBPS) is an autonomous wireless sensor. It is a compact and easy to deploy solution for monitoring single parking spaces, this enable cities to better cope with the parking challenges.

NBPS parking sensors efficiently measure parking occupancy in real-time. The sensors are easily embedded beneath the parking spaces, and accurately relay information to the central server on wherever the respective space is occupied by the vehicle or not.

Three-axis magnetometer and sophisticated algorithms ensures precise vehicle detection regardless of any possible obstructions, such as leaves, dirt or snow. Parking occupancy information can be used to guide drivers to the nearest unoccupied parking spaces, thus increasing traffic flow in cities and decreasing pollution. Parking utilization and enforcement efficiency are also optimized.

The parking space occupancy is automatically relayed to the web platform (Smart parking Cloud) via NB-IoT.

Key features:

  • Wireless detection and communication
  • Efficient car park occupancy measurement and overstay detection
  • Real-time parking space status
  • The sensor provides reliable detection in all weather conditions
  • Less demanding installation compared to competitor solutions
  • Easy integration with existing infrastructure


  • Fast, accurate and reliable vehicle detection regardless of traffic, weather and surface conditions
  • Easy plug & play installation
  • Eliminates need for any kind of relay nodes or gateways
  • Easy data visualization using Cloud based interface
  • Can be easily implemented into any existing car park management system
  • Snowplow resistant
  • Vandal proof
  • Flush mount installation

NOTICE:  The sensor is designed for operation with the NB IoT network. The sensor works only in the area covered by the NB IoT network.


Product datasheet


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