MagSense Web portal

Product description

MagSense Web Portal is a cloud based solution for collecting, filtering and evaluation data gathered by MagSense parking sensor network. The cloud software provides a user-friendly overview of the entire MagSense system and enables easy network segmentation, calibration and sensor configuration. Using the web solution, the status and configuration of sensors and other network components can be easily reviewed and adjusted. Communication between the sensor network and cloud is constantly monitored, thus minimizing downtime in case sensor needs maintenance. MagSense web solution is installed on a hosted server allowing easy remote maintenance and support on any location world-wide. The MagSense web solution dashboard can be customized to suit specific audiences and parking permits. Multiple layers of data access enable certain users to only see relevant data, which can be imported or exported by the user.

Key features:

  • Installation, configuration and basic administration of MagSense sensor network
  • Overview over the entire MagSense parking sensor network
  • Visualization of the entire system/parking spaces/sensors
  • Statistics overview for each sensor/parking space/system
  • API provides seamless integration into any parking/traffic guidance or enforcement system


  • Easy installation and administration of the entire Magsense system
  • Parking data can be easily integrated to any parking guidance system, parking enforcement software or smartphone apps
  • Easy adaptation to specific needs of user
  • Easy access from anywhere in the world (with Internet access)
  • Different access levels available


Product datasheet

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