MagSense Smartphone application

Product description

MagSense Smartphone App enables cities, municipalities and companies to easily provide drivers with real-time parking information. MagSense smartphone app, fully customization to fit customer’s needs, helps drivers to easily find and navigate to available parking spaces, both on- and of-street or. The app is specifically designed to offer parking guidance and parking place information of all types such as, regular parking places, handicapped parking places, charging stations parking places, garages, parking facilities of any types, etc. MagSense smartphone app is developed for Android and iOS mobile devices.

Key features:

  • Easily distributed online through the App Store and Google Play Store for free
  • Developed for Android and iOS mobile devices
  • Overview of all parking places equipped with MagSense system
  • Navigate drivers to the nearest available parking space


  • Easily accessible application
  • Provides real-time information on the availability of parking spaces
  • Overview over the available parking places per type ( regular, handicapped, charging station, garages)
  • User friendly application


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