MagSense Parking Management software

Product description

MagSense Parking Management software is a browser-based software application for controlling a parking system in any type of parking facility. The software is used to setup and configure the system, monitor and optimize the performance of the system and it is usually installed on the local PC  machine, which is connected to other parts of the system such as sensors, displays, counters or other parking equipment. The parking management software offers a variety of information about parking facility. Software dashboard displays a map of all configured parking decks, sectors, displays and other parts of the system. It enables management to all parts of the system, especially with the arrow displays, used to guide drivers to vacant parking spaces inside of the parking facility. The system can be easily adapted to specific needs of user. The system is completely adaptive and enables work in manual and automatic mode, capable of exporting statistical reports for the desired area.

Key features:

  • Professional specialized management software for parking systems
  • Collects, filters and evaluates all data generated by the MagSense sensor network.
  • Manages and controls the complete parking system
  • Provides real time parking data
  • Provides statistical reports


  • Management software provides a user-friendly overview of the entire system
  • Reliably and effectively guide drivers to unoccupied parking spaces or desired level or sector
  • Reliably manages the parking infrastructure according to the customer’s wishes
  • Stable, reliable and effective management software
  • Fully customizable to user needs


Product datasheet


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