Fleet management


Mobilisis system

Mobilisis system has a wide range of applications. It is primarily intended for companies utilizing large vehicle fleets. Mobilisis system is more than real-time vehicle monitoring, but rather an intelligent system for control, optimization, monitoring and administration of vehicles within your fleet. Speed up your business, discover and optimize inefficient processes in your business using Mobilisis system – an internationally recognized brand in the field of IT technologies and data transfer. A carefully designed hardware and software components used in Mobilisis products enable flexible use in the most demanding business processes. Mobilisis is a unique platform combining various technologies: positioning, telemetry, wireless communication, navigation and digital maps, business information processing and work organization. It is intended for remote control, monitoring, vehicle tracking, work time control, access control, facilities surveillance and remote measurement. The platform is essentially pre-defined and then further customized to the needs of our customers. The number of new functionalities is constantly growing, based on the requirements and needs of our customers.

Our services include all stages of implementation and performance review processes, including business requirement definition, development of functional specifications in collaboration with the customer, system design, development of hardware and software based on client’s needs, installation and customer support.

We are the first company in Croatia to provide innovative Internet application for fleet management utilizing Google maps, thereby providing the product constantly updated with new features. Fleet tracking data is also available on smartphones, and can be accessed on-the-go.



  • 25.000.000 daily data points
  • 2.000.000 kilometers tracked
  • 17.000 vehicles tracked
  • 15.000 messages exchanged between users
  • 10.000 susers
  • 1.000 active users per day

Fleet management


  • Vehicle tracking
  • Reports
  • Driver identification
  • E-mail and SMS notifications for user-defined triggers
  • Work orders
  • Travel invoices
  • Data accessible via mobile phones and tablets

Unique characteristic of Mobilisis system do not require installation of any software or maps, thus the position of all fleet vehicles in real time, anytime, using any computer or mobile phone connected to the Internet using username and password combination. Insight into the vehicle fleet, no matter how or small, is accessible at any time using any web browser.

Data access can be set individually for each employee, depending on each employee’s needs for job performance. Different levels of access involve limitations regarding the set of vehicles that a user can see in the application and the set of operations that a user can perform in the system.

Data can be imported or exported. The system is also used for tracking the vehicles, costs, travel orders, organization of work, communication between the driver and the dispatcher, managing user and POI databases, managing service and vehicle registration/insurance intervals etc. The system is flexible and can be adjusted to specific needs of the customer.


Business processes and cost control

  • Fleet management system is located on a highly accessible infrastructure with daily tracking and maintenance (Croatian Telecom data centre)
  • Connecting business processes of all departments
  • Modular fleet management system with the possibility of later upgrades
  • Real-time tracking with the possibility of downloading actual figure displayed on vehicle’s odometer
  • Real-time tracking of towed vehicles with data demonstrating whether the cargo are within the required temperature range
  • Various reports on vehicles: vehicle’s operation, temperature range, driver’s work time and fuel (filled in, consumed, average consumption), locations, data on vehicles and trailers.
  • Using the communication device (WiTa tablet) with Mobilisis Fleet application enabling collaboration between the driver and dispatcher, tracking towed vehicles, temperature range and travel costs with the possibility of making photos and sending documents or some other situations.
  • Travel cost input via automatic importers together with their analysis and statistics.


poslovni procesi_engl

Fleet management – DEVICES


Due to a large number of various sensors and devices necessary during fleet management system installation, a unique device has been developed to meet all the requirements. Various sensors and devices communicate through various protocols and Mobilisis WiGo contains a range of communication interfaces. The basic function of Mobilisis WiGo device is to collect all essential data and store it in the memory. After that, the data is relayed to a defined server. Collected data is presented to users via a graphical user interface.


  • Orientation – internal accelerometer, magnetometer
  • State of the vehicle (contact, engine operation, hydraulics operation) – digital inputs
  • Working mode (alternator, tachograph, pump) – frequent inputs
  • Impulse counter (tachograph, flowmeters) – frequent inputs
  • Various analog sensors (temperature, pressure, level, distance…) analog inputs
  • Devices with user interface (PND, PDA, mobile phone) – TTL, USB
  • MagSense orientation sensor, detecting operation of movable components, such as cranes, doors etc. – CAN
  • Probe for fuel measurement and other industrial sensors – RS485
  • Vehicle’s OBD bus – CAN, K-line
  • Digital tachograph reading – K-line
  • 1-wire sensors (temperature, moisture) – 1Wire
  • User identification (iButton, RFID) – 1Wire, RS485
  • Warning (siren, buzzer, emergency lighting, warning lighting, beacons) – digital outputs
  • Printing on a printer – RS232
Mobilni terminal

Mobile terminal

Mobile terminal is the device representing the most powerful and flexible system for fleet management, control and administration. Mobile terminal device has a specially adapted interface developed by Mobilisis engineers which used only with Mobilisis Fleet application. Mobile terminal is a system for collaboration, optimization, surveillance and administration of vehicles and drivers. Mobile terminal application was developed for the optimization of transport and distributing processes, keeping demanding records of the fleet, reduction of business costs with complete driver’s control.


  • Free communication between the dispatcher – driver
  • Work orders
  • Documentation
  • Navigation
  • Alarms driver and dispatcher about trailer state
  • Monitoring the temperature in the trailer and position of the door (open or closed)
  • Tracking and administering
  • Tracking driver activity
  • Service orders (Optional)
  • Resistant to drops of up to 1m, dust / water spray, high / low temperature resistant, additional casing for protection
  • WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and data transfer


Fuel is a major cost for every company. Therefore, an adequate supervision and control is a necessity, achievable by installing a measuring probe into vehicle’s fuel tank, with a tolerance of up to +- 3%. Our users’ experience in terms of fuel consumption savings ranges from 5% to as much as 30%. Sudden change of fuel level is recorded on the list of events and graphs, which clearly display time and the place of the occurrence as well as the change in fuel quantity.

Fuel level monitoring enables, fuel level before filling, amount of fuel filled, maximum fuel capacity, fuel consumption during operation, fuel consumption at a standstill and fuel consumption in 100 km. An alarm notifications can be sent to users in case of a sudden drop in fuel level.