Career in Mobilisis

Our employees are carrying out all activities and our main competitive advantage in this increasingly demanding and fast growing market in which we do business. Motivation for everyday business challenges and unification of employees attempting to continuously fulfil all company goals, needs and expectations of customers, business partners and wider community enables innovativeness as well as premium quality level of products and services.

Career at Mobilisis provides great working environment as well as excellent opportunities for successful future through professional and personal growth in the company. Mobilisis considers investment in knowledge as an investment into business development which pays back multifold. We are a team of well-educated and committed professionals who continuously contribute to the growth of Mobilisis with our enthusiasm, desire for quality and excellency.


Mobilisis’ doors are always open to individuals who consider themselves to be ambitious and responsible, diligent and hardworking, committed workers as well as open and ready for further professional development.

Mobilisis can provide a safe workplace, pleasant and friendly working atmosphere as well as interesting work tasks. Our team has been successful for many years. This is a result of continuous investment into professional development of all employees as well as training in a dynamic business environment.

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