3DTC Traffic Counter

Product description

Utilizing the new patented magnetic field sensors detection loop, connected to high-speed network, the 3DTC Traffic counter opens new possibilities in counting vehicles with MagSense products. The 3DTC Traffic counter is state-of-the-art system for accurate and reliable vehicle counting and detecting regardless of weather, surface or traffic condition at the speeds of up to 220 km/h. The system is scalable to fit the needs of small town diner’s parking lot as a standalone system, all the way to multi-level garages capable as part of complete management and guidance system. The 3DTC system consists from WiGo controller and sensor bus.

Key features:

  • Fast, accurate and reliable vehicle detection regardless of traffic, weather and surface conditions
  • Reliable detection of vehicle speed and direction
  • Detection through steel or concrete up to 500 mm thick
  • Traffic counting of up to 8 lanes
  • Lack of batteries enables maintenance-free operation
  • Low power consumption
  • Support for Over-the-Air firmware update
  • Reliable driving direction detection


  • Real time parking information 24/7
  • Installations in parking garages without closures or delays for customers
  • Built-in wide spectrum of connectivity, wired and wireless
  • Simultaneous counting of up to 8 traffic lanes using single device
  • Minimum maintenance costs
  • Easy integration with existing parking systems
  • Easy integration with existing IT infrastructure
  • Customer guidance to the nearest unoccupied parking spot using a smartphone app


  • Underground and above ground parking facilities of any size
  • Multi-level parking facilities
  • One-way streets – wrong way vehicle detection
  • Roundabouts, bridges, tunnels
  • Vehicle counting on ramps and cross sections
  • Access control (private garages, gates or barriers)


Product datasheet